Well today was my birthday!!! And that is now over with and I am tired, full of cake, and generally satisfied. I got a whole bunch of awesome crap, including this sweet glass desk that I am writing on write now. A bunch of my buds came over and we hung out, did drugs, smoked, drank, cursed and played beer pong. We went swimming in the pond and canoeing and played some board games (with drinking and swearing involved). We also drank hard liquor and ran off at the mouth.

‘Cuz, you know, I am now 20 years old.

I feel ancient.

But I will combat that feeling now by doing some push ups, be right back.

Annnnnd: The grand total amount of push ups that I could do at this instant was only the pitiful amount of: 16

Actually I got sort of tired of them and decided to quit.

So, that solidifies it. I am stinking old.

Oh well.

I got a book from my parents as well: The Everlasting Man by G.K. Chesterton. He is supposed to be one of the authors that mainly influenced C.S. Lewis. That is awesome. Chesterton was a smart guy. I am looking forward to learning more about him.

Well…. sleep is calling me very loudly right now.

I bid you all a very fond goodnight.


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