Well nothing new has happened to me as of late except that I ran into Kelly Day while I was walking downtown to the movie shop to look for, ahem, “rare” films to buy. I like “rare” films. They make me happy for a little while… then I get tired. Anyhow, I ran into Kelly and she was carrying a bottle of Guinness Beer. I asked her where in the heck she got it ‘cuz I wanted some and she just said “oh, my brother gave it to me… but only because I clean his apartment out from time to time”. I thought crap, man I can’t hold with cleaning apartments plus I’m going to be 20 on this Sunday September 7th… not 21. And drinking is wrong.

So I said well have fun Kelly and don’t go driving anywhere and she said she only planned to go down to Pauper’s to score some Coke (I assumed she meant the carbonated beverage) before going home to pray and prepare for youth group tonight.

So that got me thinking. What if, and I mean this in the most “what iffish” sense that it can possibly be taken, what if we all (meaning myself and whoever wants to) go downtown and have a token fest? Yeah, you might not know what a token fest is and so will nobody else who is wandering around downtown… that is until you EXPLAIN it to them. See, what a token fest is is this: In the early fifties, New York City used to have public transportation that utilized tokens. Today, those tokens are still in use, but just earlier this year they were phased out of use on the subway rails in favor of metro cards. You could still use them on busses but in this December, that too will go the way of the dodo. Why, then what will happen to all of those leftover tokens? People will throw them away or they will keep them and start up collections OR… they will hold token fests on the sidewalks of their local communities. What do you do at a token fest? Well, there are all sorts of uses for tokens still: You can carry them in your pocket; you can balance them on your nose and have races; you can stack them high into the sky until your token tower falls; you can amuse yourself by throwing them into cups from a set distance; you can put them into a milk jug to make noise with at football games; you can still throw them into wishing wells; you can eat them and then fish them out of your own poop days later- in short: tokens are the CONSUMMATE toy. They are portable, fun, durable, fun, round, fun, textured, fun and above all, they are TOKENS!

Organize a token fest today.

Later friends.

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