Well I’m officially christening tonight the end of a mind-boggling week of sleeplessness, enjoyable inactivity and a hopelessly perfect inability to draw the line at any point or day or time or place.

Actually it is no longer tonight it is today and for gosh’s sake I feel like I’ve lived it up more this week than in the whole stinking past year.

I think that some importantly awesome stuff has transcended this past week… it’s awesome. First of all, I finally decided that Disney World is not for me not now. There is just too much going on here that I’m committed to or becoming committed to and also my major needs to be advanced. Disney wouldn’t facilitate this and I need to get a good VCT co-op for Spring so that I can save up for an awesome computer to do my work on and develop some more clout in my major. I’m feeling especially creative recently and I think that this coming week is going to “rock”. And if any of you have not yet seen The School of Rock then you need to drop whatever you’re doing and go and see it NOW. The movie freaking rocks and it will make you feel so good and you’ll almost cry at how incredibly amazing Jack Black (yes Jack Black) is in this film. Add to the fact that it is directed by one of the most solid film makers I know of, Richard Linklater and written by Mike White, the guy behind The Good Girl and a close friend of Linklater’s.

Soon I plan to post some snippets from my newly developing script idea. This one is shaping up to be pretty cool but there’s no way that I could make it right now… but it still is fun to write. One of these days it might be nice to actually complete a script, and I know that it is just a matter of buckling down and doing it but doing a script in your free time when all you want to do is go hang out with friends instead is difficult. Oh well I’m going to go and faint onto my bed and probably never get up again.

Until daylight…

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