Please do not read this!

I’m excited today.

I’m excited for obvious reasons 😉

I’m so excited that I’m going to shatter the moment with a bit of what I call “Pooetry.” Here goes!

Would that the shimmering encrusted vowels would drip from your holy tongue

unfolded amber skies that tell a tale of woe yet unbeguiled

by vespertine vinyl scratchings echoed through the night

in the smokey tandem weathered beatings of a sparrow’s flight

through the needles eye the cradled sigh creeping under willow bough

and tender footsteps all but lost in pan’s silhouetted wonderland

a call a nod a fleeting glimpse of raging fires and long lost romance

Just so you know that poem is not meant to be serious or emotional in any way but I just felt like making it because I’m EXCITED!

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