Music seems to be a theme of the last few posts I’ve made (music and pooetry I guess) and so I figure why not add another post and follow it up with an explanation that will reveal nothing?

They won’t see

The fire you have lit inside of me

They look up to the stars

And wonder where you might be

They look up without realizing

That they’re standing right there in the palm of your hand

I can’t explain or understand

I just love you

It’s common knowledge

That you’ve been dead for a while

It’s well known that the cross is only a burden

With pains and trials

But then again how come my shoes are so light

How come I can walk for miles

And still just love you

So I think I’ll stay

Caught up in silent prayer

I believe in silence

Our hearts speak the same word

So why don’t we just walk along

The shoreline with a silent song

Cause I believe in silence

Our hearts speak the same word

We have to prove

That our love is real over and over again

But let them think what they want

I know it will never end

Because I know where it began

And my heart still heart still pounds twice as fast

Whenever you walk by

Cause I still love you

So I think I’ll stay…

Well at least the title of the song exemplifies that I haven’t blogged in, oh, just two days. But it feels like a lot longer because a lot of awesome work that God has (praise him lots!) been continuing to do in my life whether I liked it or not. I guess one thing that has really begun to manifest itself in the past few weeks and especially in the past few days is the fact that God is responding to a prayer I’d begun praying probably about a month or two ago. I basically prayed that God would do whatever it took to call me out of myself and into being His disciple. And it is stinking happening! Woooooooo! I mean, it’s not like it’s been easy at all already… but it’s been way easier than simply existing, remaining, plodding on in no direction which certainly I’ve not been doing but at time in the past year I’ve felt very much STUCK. Kind of cornered and trapped and just resigned to a horrible sucky existence of trying to get by on worldly means and never really being able too. Part of that had to do with “Joel’s Curse” my little affectionate name for my curse of losing money to all sorts of random disasters. I got so wrapped up in self-pity that I overlooked the work that God was doing in my life. But even though I may have been a meloncholy little whiner he still hammered away and kept ripping out the walls that were in the way in me, so that he could build his temple. Yeah, and that hurts but it is awesome. So I look forward to continued rennovations to come for the rest of my life! Woooo! Isn’t THAT exciting? Actually it is waaaay waaaay cool and like I said before I can’t praise Him enough for it.

Eph. 4:11-16

Okay so all of that might have only made sense to a few of you but it’s what is happening to me so I’m gonna share it!

Time to head on out to Bible study and thence onward to be drawn by Roo! 😉


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