Bent back with tact

Okay, I’ve already tried on two occasions to blog and both times I messed up on my computer and ended up deleting the whole posts. Nobody is more frustrated than I am when this happens. I lifted my chair high above my head and, roaring the battlecry of the Badger Lords of Salamandastron, cried “Eulaliaaaaaaa!” and hurled it through my window blinds. It shattered the window and that was that.

Well now I have more pressing matters to attend to so all of you should heed the advice of Pax 217: “Now we feel the split and my blood well it hurts, but not gonna get you down or to make it any worse, ‘cuz you know and I know what we need has been given, the hopes and strenth to talk about our livin’, We’re given the rhythm and He gave me a write, A praise to sing a gift to bring to extol on high, A seven day miracle that keeps me so hyped y’all


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