It is getting late and I need to get some sleep but my blog has suffered as of late. The former spark is gone, the former light is dimmed, the former taste is dulled, the former touch is now less than electric. How can I reawaken the fiery passion of blogging again? How can I come back to my love and say to her “woo, you are lookin’ good baby!” and get this poor suffering relationship jump-started again?

How can I do this?


DANCE DANCE DANCE until the sun comes up

So yeah on November 15th there will be a freaking awesome dance at Covenant Church on Haskins Road, in Bowling Green, OH. You are all invited of course! Cost of admission will be, I’m 99% sure, $3 per person. And there will be a massive email invitation going out to a bunch of people at some point but even if you don’t get one you will be invited to this thang!

There will be all sorts of music, from classical to rap to rock and roll to punk to *pop* and bubble gum! The only common thread is that all of the songs will be the BEST, selected personally by Joel Manahan and Jeremy Cordy.

Dress will be formal and guys can wear suits but there is no pressure, you don’t have to come in Armani or anything like that. Girls will be wearing dresses but I’ve heard from several young ladies already that the term “dress” is such a blanket term and there should be more clarification on the issue. I guess I would just say don’t go and BUY an expensive dress just for this dance, but sure yeah wear a gown, I guess that is the kind of dress, don’t wear sweatpants and a greasy beater with a scratch’n’sniff Spongebob sticker on it. That would be kind of wierd.

Now I’m going to go ahead and say that there will be a limited amount of decoration going on since Jer and I aren’t exactly the artistic morons that we appear to be so if anyone feels particularly inspired they should email me or email Jer.

Gawd I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about dancing again! Woooo! Kick over the amps and rawk out. Then use a bunch of words with the letter ‘w’ in them that don’t usually have the letter ‘w’ in them. “Wow, you’wre findwing owt that when it’s whindy owtside things can’t blow furthwer thwan they would when it’s nawt whindy owt.”

More’s the pity.


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