2021 Year in Review – Top Albums

Here’s an Apple music playlist, containing these albums, along with a bunch of others I enjoyed in 2021:

Top of 2021 – Top Albums

Top of 2021 – Top Albums – Ambient

1. Low – Hey What

No, you’re never gonna feel complete
No, you’re never gonna be released
Maybe never even see, believe
That’s why we’re living in days like these again

Days Like These

2. The Notwist – Vertigo Days

Telephone brings it back
With rings and rings and lonely calls
As it all was nothing

It’s where you find me now
It’s where you find me now
Again and again

Where You Find Me

3. DARKSIDE – Spiral

The red glow in his face
Making him look like the son of God
His teeth are glistening
His hair is wild
His feet are stomping on the ground

He’s wearing the doctor’s coat
But in his hand in the ring of a lawmaker


4. Lightning Bug – A Color of the Sky

The skies vault higher in September
Till the end of our days, I’ll remember
How colors feel stronger, and feelings so true
That even the flowers smell more like you

September Song, pt. ii

5. Helado Negro – Far In

Warm, dreaming yellow sky
Endless open sigh
People move their life
Night eats the sky

There Must be a Song Like You

6. Richard Dawson & Circle – Henki

to Ikarios taught the secret of wine-making
but the drunk shepherds thought poisoned they had been
so they stoned him to death
in plain view of his daughter
who threw her dog down a well
and hung herself from a tree


7. The War on Drugs – I Don’t Live Here Anymore

I feel the storm coming on
I feel the darkness at your gate
Live the loneliness of life
Keep on moving at your pace
Ain’t the sky just shades of gray
Until you’ve seen it from the other side?
Oh, if loving you’s the same
It’s only some occasional rain

Occasional Rain

8. Bodies of Water – Is This What It’s Like

I’m saying “Yes” to everything
And life itself, “Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes”

Women in Love

9. The Weather Station – Ignorance

No, the robber don’t hate you, the robber don’t hate you. 
He had permission – permission by words, permission of thanks,
permission of laws, permission of banks,
white table cloth dinners, convention centres,
it was all done real carefully. 


10. White Ring – Show me Heaven

Guess the lyrics?

Every Song

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