Writing with renewed force this time, I come to you in intesity to drive home my powerful psyche through thought-provoking and masterfully introspective words… forming into cohesion a massive tidal wave of thought that will overpower your senses and send you hurtling towards realms of thought that have never been touched by humans before. I will be your intrepid guide, as I guide you skillfully among the many myriad streams of consciousness and finally rip the scales from your eyes, allowing you to see unclouded the stark world in which we think we live!!!!!

Anyways… that’s the new motto for my blog that I’m thinking of. Like it? I sure do. I plan to ‘ram a wooden stake through’ people’s feeble belief systems. The new aim and purpose of my blog will be to teach through the method of ‘I know the ultimate of ultimates and you need my help’ mentality. Hopefully, I’ll get through to some people.

So I’ve decided to adopt the Ben Gensen approach to blogging as well… so I will couple that (yes, ‘couple’) with my idea of intense introspective condescending writing to form a sort of humorous deep-thinking blog.

Here goes!

I saw Jermy Cordy today. It looked to me like he was tired… tired from something. Probably from running from his past. “Well, you know they say… his past ran a little faster than he did” Morgan Freeman says in one line from the thought-provoking masterpiece film Levity. And so, being a good person, I talked to Jeremy about myself and my ideas… never allowing him time to speak for himself…. then I ate food in front of him. Did I mention he looked tired? Welll, he also looked hungry. I bought 13 bagels and didn’t share them with him. I ate one in front of his sad, sad looking face. Then, I left him alone to think about what I’d said. Later, I got a phone call from Dan Lyon… “hey man, wanna hang out?” he said. I could tell right away that he was having a self-esteem issue. So I told him that hitting rock bottom often helps draw us closer to the truth of the pain and sorrow and angst-ridden depression of life… and also God. I told him that no, I wouldn’t ‘hang out’ with him and that he needed to grow up and stop focusing on himself and fun.

Well, that’s all for Joel’s newly revamped blog! Tune in next time to hear me talk about how I taught Mike how to play musical instruments… because he couldn’t play them right, and also how I helped Brad through some tough times… but he didn’t listen to me and now his life is on the scapes again.

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